Road Trippin’

Dad and I leave on our road trip May 23rd! (Yup, that's me, feeding him peanut butter!). Dad is the sort of guy you want with you when you drive 2,500 miles across the country. Here's a few reasons why…

#1-He's got a great sense of direction. (Somedays I'm not sure which way is UP…)

#2- He's good at fixing things.

#3-He likes Classic Rock! Perfect road trip music!

#4- He'll drive most of the way and like it!

#5- He is a very experienced packer. (I'm very experienced at bringing too much stuff.)

#6- He will make random stops just to take pictures of rocks or birds or trees or sunsets, etc…

I know for a fact that there are a bunch more things to list… but it's not Father's Day yet so let's save some for his card!

The 23rd & 24th we'll be heading out I-80 West, stopping at Applebee's and Panera's along the way (#7- He's predictable; in a comfortable sort of way.) Then we'll roll past Denver on Saturday morning and arrive in Avon for a long weekend of family time with the Siblings. (Lots of eating, bird watching, dog walking and board games.) Memorial Day Weekend with Jessie + Ron and Cory + Maria! Hooray!

The only one we'll be missing- is MOM!

Then the morning of the 28th, we'll head west through Utah, skirt past Salt Lake City and up into Idaho. After we clear Boise, we'll be in Oregon! I sure am glad that my dad decided to come on this road trip with me! Here's to good mileage, good health, good music and no repairs!



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