Never travel without a FestiBelt!

FestiBelt: A better money belt.

  • FestiBelt: A fabric pocket belt full of travel items.
  • Black Galaxy FestiBelt on the beach.

When traveling it’s important to keep your valuables close at hand. Many people use a beige money belt to protect their valuables when they travel. The FestiBelt was designed with many features that make a FestiBelt your perfect travel companion. Here are just a few:

1- Low Profile: The FestiBelt’s minimalist design makes it easy to conceal under clothing and keeps your valuables out of the sight of pick pockets.

2- A Large Pocket: FestiBelts have a pocket that runs around the entire length of the belt and is accessed by a 7″ zipper. This combo makes it possible to tuck a passport around the back of the FestiBelt, keys or a slim wallet to each side and still have room for a large cell phone in the front.

3- Soft, Washable Fabric: FestiBelts are made of a durable, 4-way stretch fabric which feels soft against your ski, just like a pair of leggings. Your FestiBelt can be washed and will air-dry overnight.

4- Comfort and Safety: Since the FestiBelt is a continuous loop of fabric, it cannot be unbuckled, cut off by a pick-pocket or casually left behind. I just read a travel warning from a woman who accidentally left her money belt on a bus because the buckle was rubbing uncomfortably against her skin and she took it off! We get feedback that the FestiBelt is so soft that our customers forget they are wearing it!

Two sisters
A FestiBelt is a soft, colorful pocket belt that is hand sewn in Colorado by these two sisters- Jessie and Adrienne

The Beginning

The idea for the FestiBelt was hatched by Jessie (aka. SipSister2) when she started going to music festivals and found that her colorful dresses didn’t have pockets! When you’re dancing your face off, you need a secure spot to zip up your phone, keys and credit cards, so the FestiBelt was born! Soon, all of Jessie’s festi-friends were asking where she got that great pocket belt and Jessie sewed up FestiBelts for all her friends and family. Adrienne (SipSister1) thought that FestiBelts were SO handy that everyone should be able to buy one, so in 2017, the Sipkovsky sisters opened an ESTY shop.

Get your own FestiBelt at

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