Voluptuous, Playboy, Girls Night Out, Honey Pie!

Roses have entertaining names!

Dad and I spent Tuesday wandering amount the roses of the Int'l Rose Test Garden. The roses smelled devine and looks spectacular! I had never seen so many roses in one place.

And some gorgeous dogwoods!

Dad I also spent some time in the more serene Japanese gardens up the hill.

There were koi ponds and raked stone gardens and a floral display put on by the Portland Japanese flower-arranging school.

The Ikeban technique utilizes elements found in nature like driftwood or wasps nests! Odd. Dad & I weren't super impressed.

Percy found the perfect spot for some peaceful meditation. Then, while I was in the gift shop, Dad made friends with a guy in a Traverse City shirt who was waiting for HIS daughter! Next week Claire & I are going out for dinner! Yay for more Midwestern friends!


2 thoughts on “Voluptuous, Playboy, Girls Night Out, Honey Pie!

  1. ReadWriteLib June 7, 2013 / 2:31 am

    We never made it there since it was gloomy when we were in Portland. Awesome pics!

  2. roberta4949 June 7, 2013 / 8:15 pm

    very nice photos and the pink hanging roses are beautiful and so full, no wonder they are heavy and hang down. the fragrances were probably wonderful,

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