Camp Warner Park

Since my move in April, I’ve been a busy little bee, setting up summer camp in a 3,000 acre park in Nashville, Tennessee!  Well, June 9-13th it all came together!  This past week was rainy and cool and full of amazing experiences with awesome staff and happy kids. 8 weeks ago, I couldn’t have imagined things would go SO well.  I did all my blogging on, so you’ll have to head over there to see the rest of the photos.  Here are some highlights!

Our home base- the Bob Brown Field Station!


 Sidewalk chalk!


Our youngest group, the DUCKLINGS!IMG_6138

The Tadpoles, searching for critters in the river.IMG_6142Catch and release salamanders.IMG_5610

Lunchtime at the pavilion.


The Metro Park Police came by to meet the campers!  This is Echo and Officer Owens.

Officer Johnny shows us Burt’s teeth!IMG_5831

Long hike to the quarry!

IMG_6037Searching for fossils at the quarry.

Then we head to the Little Harpeth River for some ‘research’.IMG_6097

Rhett shows the campers some stonefly larvae.IMG_6121

River FUN!


Corn Snake, thinks its a tie.IMG_6085

This week was SO fun that there were some tears when it was time to go home!IMG_6199Its good to have feelings.

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