Marble Mountain: A must-see between DaNang and Hòi An


Without multiple travelers’ recommendations, we would have passed over this site as we drove from Hói An to Hue. It turned out to be Troy’s favorite spot in Southern Vietnam and we should have planned 2 hrs to see it all.


The stairs aren’t terrible going up… going down I did a lot of side-stepping to keep from rolling my ankles. At the top, you are rewarded with lots of wonderful (and varied) places to explore. First, check out this temple.P1060804

Pop over the bridge and say hello to this lovely lady.


And the view from this gate is pretty great.P1060806

Then, step into the caves! (Hi- Buddha!)P1060824

There are lots of nooks and crannies to explore.


There are older Vietnamese women selling incense for you to burn for Buddha.


After we exhausted all the nooks, we climbed up to the top! It was HOT!

P1060838The view was vast and interesting. We paid a guy $1 to take our photo and print it out right there. Money well spent.

Notes: The area is lousy with marble-carvers who try to get you to park for ‘free’ at their shop. Just ignore them and pay to park in the designated area. On our way through, I noticed that many of the statues that they were carving didn’t have faces and our driver explained that the faces would be finished when they were ordered so the facial features can be customized.

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