Ha Long Bay: Monkey Island

Have you heard enough about Ha Long Bay already? Well then, you’d better skip this post because I’m still talking about it!  Check out this amazing floating village that we  motor through  on our way to Monkey Island.


I loved the view of the bungalows on the beach of Monkey Island as we approached. It was a bit overcast- but it still managed to look like a tropical paradise!P1070496

While we got off the boat, lunch was already on the tables. I’m pretty sure this is Korean BBQ… even though we were in Vietnam. You would put the dried noodle and raw fish or tofu into the hot pot to cook.

Check out our cute little bungalow!


Since we were only on the island for 24 hours, we didn’t do too much. Just a small hike (we opted out of the treacherous hike over the hill to the beach where the monkeys attack you.) P1070539

The only other thing worth noting is that we had our own little mascot- a cute bat who was hanging in the tree outside our bungalow. It was twisting back and forth. Isn’t he darling?!? ezgif.com-cropAll too soon, it was time to head back towards Hanoi.

On the way back, Van (our boat host) taught us how to assemble fresh spring rolls.P1070628

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One more pic before we get back to the mainland and head to Sapa!

Gorgeous views.
Gorgeous views.

2 thoughts on “Ha Long Bay: Monkey Island

  1. Tim and Joanne Joseph February 14, 2016 / 7:01 am

    Thank you for the introduction. We will be there next month and I’m really excited to see all this for myself. It sure looks amazing!

    • adriennesip February 15, 2016 / 10:19 pm

      Great! I’m sure you’ll love it. Next time I head to Vietnam, I’m flying right into Hanoi- all the parts I loved best are in the north.

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