France: Our Parisian Apartment

We dropped off our Sadcar and dove into the total chaos of the Reykjavik airport at 6am. The airport LOOKS new but is total mayhem and I could write an entire post about it… that you would NOT want to read. Instead, I’ll show you the RAD aurora borealis effect on our plane.

We touchdown in Paris and make our way to the 6th arrondissement (neighborhood). Our place is on the left of the map and we’re only a 12-minute walk to Notre Dame (on the right).screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-5-51-18-pm

The closest Metro stop was Sainte Michel (which I appreciated because St. Michael’s Episcopal is my family’s church.) And it has this formidable  fountain of Michael the Archangel, vanquishing Satan.
honeymoon-5This is my handsome husband, strutting down our ‘rue’. The door on the left goes into our courtyard.honeymoon-3And here’s our courtyard! The door to my left is an office and the 2 steps on the right lead to a hallway that goes behind the office and to another, courtyard for our 2nd story apartment.honeymoon-4And here is a video of the place we called ‘ours’ in Paris.

This adorable apartment was our home base for 10-days while we explored the French capital.



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