A Colorado drive: Glenwood Canyon

What a lovely weekend for an afternoon drive!The canyon is just 12.5 miles but is a gorgeous drive with the road, train rail and the Colorado river all together. Hanging Lake is here too- but the weekend is not the time unless you want to hike in  a line full of tourists.

Glenwood Canyon

The California Zephyr running alongside the mighty Colorado river.
The Colorado River  was running high and chocolate-colored after a hard rain.

We stopped to see my siblings and admire my brother’s lovely yard.

This is what lettuce looks like if you let it go.









Next we turned off of the highway towards Minturn and drove towards Red Cliff and the abandoned mining town of Gilman.

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Now onward up the winding road toward Leadville! We stopped  at (what’s left of) Camp Hale where the 10th Mountain Division trained. There is a little campground with pit toilets.

We continued up to 10,200 ft; the mining town of Leadville is full of gift shops and tourists and is definitely worth the trip for the drive alone.

On the way back down to Highway 70 we saw some more lovely sights.

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Back on the highway, we cruise back towards Denver.

Until next time!



One thought on “A Colorado drive: Glenwood Canyon

  1. Momma Sip July 24, 2017 / 1:45 pm

    Um, I believe that the ‘lovely yard’ is at MARIA and Cory’s house.

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