CO day 3: One Handed Kickball

Cory got invited to play a Memorial Day game of 1 handed kickball so we got to tag along. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of experiencing this phenomenon, 1HK is when you have to hold a beverage in one hand at all times. It makes for a frothy and hilarious afternoon.

Dad made 2 plays where he went all out and ended up taking a dive. The first time, he fell down while running bases & got out. (See photo below for depiction of knee scrape.). The 2nd time he dove on the ball & flung it up at the runner- it bounced off the back of her head & she was out! Redemption!

After 2+ hours of kickball mayhem we got hungry & headed to LARKBURGER for some fuel. Jessie & I had tuna burgers & truffle fries & iced tea. Epic lunch. Yuuuum. Larkburger should be everywhere.

Dad & I headed back to Jessie & Ron's and watched Ironman 1, then said our good-byes! Jessie even let me snuggle/hug her! See how tolerant she is being!?!

She also made me some belated Birthday cookies; Funfetti!