Rest Day@ Backstreet Academy.

I had taken a day ‘off’ of touring temples (the heat really got to me) and I had found an awesome workshop where you could take lessons in traditional Cambodian crafts. I chose to learn how to sew a padded laptop case from an Elephant Brand cement mix bag.

It was a super fun afternoon! I tried on an Apsara headpiece made by this adorable gentleman. (I am a sucker for tiny, smiling old guys!)

After my rest day I switched hostels (to escape a sneezing/coughing Belgium boy who kept calling his mom and whining.) The Luxury Concept hostel was only 3 months old and a bit difficult to find since the Tuk Tuk drivers hadn’t heard of it and the ground floor was a travel agency. The process of moving hostels is not my favorite but my hard work was rewarded when I met my newest travel BFF, Kate!

This was Aussie Kate’s first international trip and Siem Reap with it’s dirty streets and persistent harassment had understandably freaked her out. Luckily, our spacious bunk beds were in the same dorm and I was looking to share a Tuk Tuk! I invited her to grab some dinner and explore the night markets with me – she accepted and we were inseparable for the next 10 days! Kate had a contact in town: a girl named KimLeng whose college education was being sponsored by one of Kate’s friends. We hired her father, Guitar, to take us to the temples the next day.

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