CO day 1: Expedition to Sweetwater Lake

Saturday, Jessie & Ron came down to Gypsum and the 6 of us made a trip up to Sweetwater Lake Resort. It's a quaint little place with cabins to rent, a natural lake and a restaurant. It's owned by the family of a guy on Cory's landscaping crew, Cy (sounds like Kai) so we thought we'd check it out.

The drive was gorgeous- slow going on a dirt road but so much to see! We started in Gypsum, then headed north-west into the wilderness! Jasmine the Yorkie was really enjoying herself.

After a scenic and leisurely 45 min. drive, everyone piled out of the truck to take the dogs for a swim.

Statler is a 155 lb Newfoundland who loves the water. He's still working on his grace & poise. Plop!


Floyd wasn't interested in jumping off the dock at all… And Jazzie only got wet up to her knees – but she could swim if she wanted to!

After a solid 1/2 hour of running away squealing every time 'Statler the Sprinkler' got back to shore, we headed up to the main lodge for lunch. Expectations were low since they were out of chicken AND pie, but lunch was great! Cy's mom seated us (wearing a hilarious apron with sexy men on it) and Cy's sister, AuraLee took our order. (Did I mention that Cy is short for Coyote?) The buffalo burgers were amazing- and super fresh; they were raised 3 miles down the road! YUM!

Post lunch entertainment was provided by 12-15 whirring, zooming hummingbirds at the feeders on the back porch! If you could hold very still, they would sit on your finger! After all that excitement, we drove home and hung out on Maria's back porch, hoola-hoop and drinking Moose Drool.

Sipkovsky's sure know how to have fun!