Te Prohm: Da Bomb

Trip Date: 10/8/2014P1040910 copy

Back in the 2000, Angelina Jolie did a little film called, Tomb Raider.  The most memorable scenes take place in the ruins of an ancient city and were filmed in Te Prohm, Cambodia.  (Kate and I are doing our best Laura Croft poses!)

1424832374_thumb.jpegTe Prohm is BY FAR my favorite site in Siem Reap!  Oh, the trees are glorious!  In the oppressive, wet heat of Cambodia, the lush, shady trees of Te Prohm offer magical amounts of shade.

We wandered, we sat in the shade and contemplated this ancient city.  We took lots of photos and took in this amazing city.

Te Prohm has numerous and winding paths to navigate.  Kate & I tried to find our way to the most picturesque spots with a map from my Lonely Planet.


We were mildly successful yet were spotted by an entrepreneurial local who offered to show us around, for a fee, of course.  We happily accepted and he guided us through the complex, pointing out note worthy sights, like this giant Bayan tree.

P1040937Everywhere we turned, the trees show their strength by slowly dismantling this ancient city with sinewy roots.


The empty nooks along this wall used to house statues of Buddha.  When a new (Hindu) king began his reign, he ordered all 180 of the Buddhas to be chiseled out of their nooks.


Gosh, I love Te Prohm!


On the way out, we passed by the ubiquitous stands of handmade treasures: paintings, carvings and trinkets.  The dealers are so insistant that you buy from them and I’d bet they would try to sell this darling, sleeping mouse if you looked at it twice.

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