Taking it easy in Phnom Penh

Oct. 10th, 2014

P1050388When you last left us, we had stumbled into Phnom Penh and finally found our hostel, Me Mate’s Villa. We ate breakfast at our hostel and by then, they had clean sheets on our beds. There was major amounts of sleep to make up.

(Oooh- high ceilings, a bathroom and A/C!)


Kate & I didn’t think we’d stay in PP too long.  Unfortunately, that terrible bus ride threw us off our game & we didn’t end up making it to Sihanoukville (4 hrs) or even Kampot (2.5 hrs) since we couldn’t fathom being on a bus that week.  We walked the city and treated ourselves to massages and smoothies.  It was still hot as blazes & super humid, so we needed those smoothies for hydration…

This is me, in front of the Palace, with the river behind me.

P1050724Today, we wandered down the shady pedestrian road and went to the Nat’l Museum. It was $5 and pretty interesting, although I must admit that I was expecting A/C… Or at least glass windows. Nope- there were 2000 year old artifacts (Like this ancient statue of Garuda) just a few feet from a wide open window. No humidity controls here!



The museum was worth a few hours and could have been more interesting with a guide since the signage isn’t especially informative.


We ended our low-key day by meeting up with Meaghen, (my camp friend of 20+ years!) for dinner!  We took a Tuktuk to an Aussie bar and had super yummy hamburgers! It was great to get to catch up with Meaghen and I’ll get to visit her school later this week!


Good night!  More Phnom Penh adventures to come!

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