CO day 3: One Handed Kickball

Cory got invited to play a Memorial Day game of 1 handed kickball so we got to tag along. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of experiencing this phenomenon, 1HK is when you have to hold a beverage in one hand at all times. It makes for a frothy and hilarious afternoon.

Dad made 2 plays where he went all out and ended up taking a dive. The first time, he fell down while running bases & got out. (See photo below for depiction of knee scrape.). The 2nd time he dove on the ball & flung it up at the runner- it bounced off the back of her head & she was out! Redemption!

After 2+ hours of kickball mayhem we got hungry & headed to LARKBURGER for some fuel. Jessie & I had tuna burgers & truffle fries & iced tea. Epic lunch. Yuuuum. Larkburger should be everywhere.

Dad & I headed back to Jessie & Ron's and watched Ironman 1, then said our good-byes! Jessie even let me snuggle/hug her! See how tolerant she is being!?!

She also made me some belated Birthday cookies; Funfetti!


Cruising I-80: MI to CO

So far the trip has been (thankfully) uneventful. In summary; Iowa has giant wind turbines and Nebraska has lots of farm equipment- especially irrigation systems. We had to make our own entertainment.

Here I will rank the most interesting 10 items:

10 – Tumbleweeds!

9 – Dad's new catchphrase is, “Sucks to be you!”

8- I saw an albino deer in the woods.

7- A guy in Applebee's was wearing a shirt that said, “Don't taze me, Bro!”

6- A mini van had a sticker-family on the back window; Mom, Dad, toddler, baby…. Goldfish!

5- While he drove, Dad put me to sleep with stories about growing corn. Yaawn.

4- Dad really loves the quiet, grooved highway.

3- We saw a semi spray dirt all over some poor construction guy holding a flag.

2- The speed limit in Nebraska is 75! Whee!

1- My personal ringtone on my dad's cell is called “Charming Introduction”. Awwww.

Since Mom & Dad have driven this way many times before, we keep passing towns that spark stories of trip of yore. Such as Atlantic, Iowa where the Red Van's alternator went out & caused flames to shoot out the tailpipe. Mom&Dad stayed at the El-Fordo Inn that night. By all accounts, it could have been a horror movie set. It was dingy and creepy and managed by an elderly couple on oxygen. Mom and Dad got outta there as soon as the alternator was replaced.


We stayed in Council Bluffs last night & this morning we watched the Blues Brothers as we got ready. Can you believe Dad hasn't see it!?? Next, I couldn't find my keys and when we thought about where I had them last, it was down @ the ice machine! oh no! luckily, they were under my pillow.

All that panicking made me hungry and we headed for our 'usual' McDonald's. We'd just been there in January. That time, a water main broke and we couldn't order anything requiring water! This time there was a huge construction project and there was an area walled off with plastic. They had taken out all the tables & replaced them with the folding kind, like we were at a church potluck.

As you can see, it's been a whirlwind tour!


Road Trippin’

Dad and I leave on our road trip May 23rd! (Yup, that's me, feeding him peanut butter!). Dad is the sort of guy you want with you when you drive 2,500 miles across the country. Here's a few reasons why…

#1-He's got a great sense of direction. (Somedays I'm not sure which way is UP…)

#2- He's good at fixing things.

#3-He likes Classic Rock! Perfect road trip music!

#4- He'll drive most of the way and like it!

#5- He is a very experienced packer. (I'm very experienced at bringing too much stuff.)

#6- He will make random stops just to take pictures of rocks or birds or trees or sunsets, etc…

I know for a fact that there are a bunch more things to list… but it's not Father's Day yet so let's save some for his card!

The 23rd & 24th we'll be heading out I-80 West, stopping at Applebee's and Panera's along the way (#7- He's predictable; in a comfortable sort of way.) Then we'll roll past Denver on Saturday morning and arrive in Avon for a long weekend of family time with the Siblings. (Lots of eating, bird watching, dog walking and board games.) Memorial Day Weekend with Jessie + Ron and Cory + Maria! Hooray!

The only one we'll be missing- is MOM!

Then the morning of the 28th, we'll head west through Utah, skirt past Salt Lake City and up into Idaho. After we clear Boise, we'll be in Oregon! I sure am glad that my dad decided to come on this road trip with me! Here's to good mileage, good health, good music and no repairs!